Thursday, March 20, 2014

True Smooth CoolWay Spray Hair Product Review

The Above Is My Hair From Before Useage Of True Smooth CoolWay Hair Product. Below Are The Pictures Of My Hair Once CoolWay was used. #BeautyStat After/with use of: This Product with my naturally kinky/wavy hair still had to be used with a straightening iron. As you can see, even after use of a Straightening Iron, my hair still tends to have waves in it. No this product, nor does anything cut down on dry time with my thick hair!! The Scent was and continues to be wonderful and lasting, the smell of Coconut. Yes, it gave my hair instant soft, silky, non frizz, smoothness just as I had just stepped out of the salon. The silky, smoothness and scent lasted for days. I would recommend this product to anyone!! Use Code BeautyStat14 to recieve a 10% discount on all CoolWay Purchases @ (not including shipping revenue and taxes). This item was provided for review courtesy of Have to say I love this product. It also has a trigger lock for when not in use or traveling. Click here for CoolWay: And Click here for Beauty Stat: This item was provided for review courtesy of