Sunday, August 18, 2013


#14 Antibiotics The real title of this should be 'antibiotics when not used in moderation.' Most of us have heard that a disease or bacteria that is exposed to antibiotics routinely will become resistant, forming a sort of superbug. Basically, the disease gets more powerful the more you try to treat it. So, as we use antibiotics more and more to cure our ailments our body's bacteria become more and more resistant to them. So, as doctors become more and more reliant upon chemical cures instead of natural resistance and a stick-it-out approach, bugs become stronger and stronger. According to Shane Ellison, M.S., from The People's Chemist, the three most dangerous antibiotics currently being prescribed are Levaquin, Vancocin, and Bactrim. This is not to say you should take a holistic approach to curing yourself, because many modern antibiotics can be life-saving. Just do not overdo it and take the doses your doctor prescribes to avoid your immune system being outdone by superbugs. This is especially a problem within animals that are treated in mass by these drugs, but for humans it is a real threat as well.