Friday, June 7, 2013

More On Onions

Useful info Please Beware to those Fb-Pages/ email / messages, who are Misguiding the people about Cut Onions~ According to this widely circulated health warning, people should not eat raw or left-over onions because onions are "poisonous". The fact is that onions are not especially prone to bacterial contamination. In fact, quite the opposite. Onions feature a variety of sulphur compounds that have antibacterial activity. Furthermore, cutting an onion triggers the release of enzymes that initiate a chemical reaction producing propenesulfenic acid, which in turn decomposes to yield sulphuric acid. It is the sulphuric acid that makes you cry by irritating the eyes! But sulphuric acid also inhibits the growth of bacteria. Also, a cut onion's surface dries out quickly, reducing the moisture that is needed for bacteria to multiply. Please SHARE this post..... Visit: