Monday, March 14, 2011

Dana Guidry

Dana Guidry
This is what you will hear lol on my CD.....1 of 2 songs! Enjoy!

Thats Where Love Is by Dayna | Song | Free Music, Listen Now
Thats Where Love Is by Dayna: Listen to, download, play and stream the song, Thats Where Love Is, on demand.
Cd's sell for $5.00 only two songs on it.

It is now in the La Cajun Store in the Southland mall in Houma, La. and also @ the Balcony in Larose , LA. I can always mail any out if any one wants one that cant get to those places. I do know that the La Cajun Stuff store ship and also excepts credit cards!!! Phone # for La. Cajun Stuff store, 985-851-1698. And The Balcony 985-693-3368 Call between 10-2pm credit cards excepted there also. Just ask to speak to Dayna!!