Saturday, February 1, 2014

USA Culture

Kim Ray To live in a culture in which women are routinely naked where men aren't is to learn inequality in little ways all day long. So even if we agree that sexual imagery is in fact a language, it is clearly one that is already heavily edited to protect men's sexual--and hence social--confidence while undermining that of women. ~ N. Wolf This was my point a couple of weeks ago when I pointed out the differences in the way Fox News broadcasters are presented for the camera: Women in short, revealing dresses, men in business suits. But it's nothing new. This is reality throughout the culture. Watch just about any movie or sitcom. Snowfazam~ Additionally I add, throughout the general public, most all visible magazines &. From pajamas, to nighties, to robes, to bathing suits non covered, to just on & on! Short shorts, barely covered tops or showing all regardless either way. Lack of Manners, Morals, Modesty! No Respect for self or others, not even Property!! SADLY, this culture has come to the point of a bit of EVERYTHING needing ENFORCED! Just no common sense left, using "Expression" as ONE of the major excuses. They pathetically work JOBS everywhere to this extent! And WHEN there are Uniforms required, those are sloppy too! Either the work top thrown OVER some revealing top as a "Jacket" or not a ONE button buttoned. Rather than look Professional, or the desire to, or the Personel enforcing it! So, do places look like there are Professional people working?? NO! I find it to be an embarrassment! Or even the Mothers will be having their kids dressed decently while they themselves are not! Come on people!! I mean, I could go on and on here!