Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome To The Planet Earth

1) Where SEX is free & LOVE is costly. 2) Where loosing a PHONE is more painful than loosing your VIRGINITY. 3) Where if don't CHEAT on partner, you're not SHARP and SMART. 4) Where BATHROOMS have become a Photo STUDIO. 5) Where getting a Galaxy phone is greater than achieving a B.SC DEGREE. 6) Where YAHOO boys have brighter future than GRADUATES.. 7) Where temples are turned into dating point Where worshiping God is difficult 9) Where is better to lose our families only to please the devil 10) Where lies are turned into reality 11) Where nowadays ladies fear for pregnancy more than HIV 12) Where pizza delivery z faster than an emergency response 13) Where people fear of thieves and robbers than fear God the Savior..