Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Determination

#1 The Determination: All in Moderation This is not a call for humans to take an organic approach to curing themselves. It is not an indictment of pharmaceutical companies or their greed. It is a realization that medications have side effects, and some are worse than others. It is also a wake up call: not everything needs to be treated with a pill. Not every cough or cold requires downing a bottle of NyQuil. We have become a country where the fastest cure cannot get us back to work fast enough, and our immune systems are often on overload dealing with all the artificial cures we put in our bodies. The message is clear: know what drugs can potentially harm you and research them before you ingest them. Trust your doctor, because he probably knows more than you, but don't trust them blindly. Be informed when it comes to cleaning your body of disease and toxins.