Sunday, August 18, 2013


#2 Methotrexate Before you let your arthritis pain allow you to submit to your doctors orders blindly, listen to some of the long-term health effects linked to Methotrexate: Liver and kidney toxicity, potential fetal death, depression in bone marrow, and potentially fatal lung disease are only 4 of the many possibilities. At times we can get overwhelmed with whatever current ailment we are facing, and beating that disease or bug is all that consumes our mind. This is a good warrior's mentality, but only if we are not putting our long term health at risk in order to do this. Methotrexate is said to have "chemotherapeutic" purposes, something that should alarm you. If you know anyone who has battled cancer, you know that chemotherapy can be a grueling, debilitating process. In order to kill the cancer cells one must go through the practical destruction of all the cells in the body. As you might expect this can lead to serious long term wear on the body. Because doctors cannot be sued for something that is considered acceptable practice they sometimes have a wider range of options, and sometimes Methotrexate is used to treat things like rheumatoid arthritis, not just cancer.