Monday, February 25, 2013

Useful Info Heart

Are You Suffering from Heart Diseases? Or have you been advised to undergo Angiography or Bypass? ATTENTION FRIENDS....ITS HAPPENING..PL DO SHARE AND FORWARD... Please Wait... For Your Heart Vein Opening Before you undergo Angiography or Bypass treatment, you must try with confidence this remedy. you will be cured. The day before someone suffered acute pain at the place of his heart and thereafter, experienced uncomforting which continued for quite some time. He then met VAID SAHAB (Dr in Auyerveda) and disclosed to him, that when the doctors performed Angiography on him, they advised Bypass as they discovered 3 of my arteries were blocked and given a date to operate after a month. During this period, that VAID (Dr in Auyerveda) prescribed the remedy below which he consumed exactly for a month. A day before his bypass operation, he arrived at the Cardiology Hospital in Mumbai and deposited Rs. 225,000 towards expenses for his Bypass surgery. After taking a close look at these results and his previous results, the Doctors then asked him if he took any medication after the previous tests were carried out. READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW IT , YOU MIGHT NOT GET THIS ALSO. Ingredients For Making Heart Vein Opening Drink Ingredients: 1 cup Lemon juice 1 cup Ginger juice 1 cup Garlic juice 1 cup Apple cider vinegar Mix all above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or till solution reduces to 3 cups.Remove solution to cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store it in a jar. Drink one tablespoon daily before breakfast. Your vein’s blockage will open in most cases. Enjoy your drink. Taste good too. READ AND PASS THIS MAIL ,WE ALL ARE LIVING IN A STRESS FULL OF LIFE ,!!!! WHY NOT TO PREVENT OUR SELF BY NOTHING, AND FOR SO YOU MAY EVEN CONSULT YOUR DR ,VAIS, PHYSICIAN ETC .. (SHRI SHANKRITI AYURVEDA INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL)