Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jamerican Spice

JamericanSpice Abusive behaviour is taking power over someone Verbal, physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual abuse. I'm going to use my physical power and verbal power to scare and intimidate you to do what I want. Economical power - I'm not going to give you any money or any say or allow you to have any decisions Spiritual Power - I know what God say more than you do, The lord says you have to do it this way, I'm the husband, I'm the head, I get my way Sexual Power - God says you can't say no, your body is mine. You have no right to say no. Manipulation Chronic deceit. #Abuse #domesticviolence #marriage #relationships Do you have a destructive relationship? How will you get help? Remember you can't change someone if they do not want change. And change begin with honesty and accountability.