Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cancer Info

Mike Klingler I've lost many loved ones to cancer, which may be why this style of documented information is interesting for me. I have also seen loved ones have their lives saved because of traditional 'toxic' treatments and I do not accuse most who comprise the medical system for intentionally causing harm. I do believe the system breeds ignorance (meaning, to ignore what does not fit into their paradigm) and that 'money' plays a major role in maintaining an archaic model. Please don't post conspiracy theories. Yes, this video drives that direction, but the producers took the time to substantiate their claims and opinions with verifiable documentation, interviews, and cited sources. We share information like this to show another perspective that you rarely see in mainstream media, and to illustrate how important it is to inform yourself on all matters that concern your life. *Note when you read about Dr. Burzynski on Wikipedia, it cites Phase II trials done at the National Cancer Institute were not successful. The video addresses this and explains how the National Cancer Institute didn't consult with Dr. Burzynski or follow the protocol he knew was necessary to produce results. Dr. Burzynski wrote that their dosages were too low for late stage tumors and urged them to follow his protocol and told them the Phase II trials will not produce benefits. The video shows these letters. These topics are complex, which is why people often give up on informing themselves altogether. That is an understandable reaction, but many of you will find this information interesting. I share this with you.